Droplets eliminators.

Droplet eliminators?typ MBV 130 PP


  • Sheets of the eliminator are welded together, which represents higher mechanical hardness;
  • Resistance to chemicals in cooled water is complete..


  • PP ? Polypropylene, higher resistance temperature (90?);
  • Resistant to the function of UV rays.


  • Improved efficiency of your cooling towers
  • Minimum pressure drop;
  • Optimum elimination of water droplets.


Droplet eliminators typ MBV 160 PP


  • Minimum pressure drop;
  • High efficiency;
  • Good ratio between its price and efficiency;
  • High resistance to temperature and UV rays;
  • Environmentally friendly.

Nozzles for cooling systems

  • in cooling towers for dispersing water over the fills;
  • high efficency.


  • Nozzles are made from PVC.

Determine of the nozzle:

  • Nozzles are determined on the basis of water flow per nozzle cooling tower.