High efficiency, environmentally friendly technology, minimum energy consumption

Ultra technology Esot controls your algae in three simple steps: PRODUCTION OF ULTRASOUND, ULTRASOUND TRANSFER AND ELIMINATION OF ALGAE.

Use in cooling towers

Cooling towers often require a strict control and use of larger quantities of chemicals and regular dosing for biology control to enable operation of the tower.?Esot-ultra is the latest technology to prevent the growth of algae, microorganisms and formation of bio film which prohibit and reduce cooling efficiency in cooling towers and can cause clogging of films and pumps, and corrosion of other constituents of the system.?Esot ultra applies the latest ultrasound techniques to prevent formation of algae and bio films in all industrial uses.?Esot ultra prevents formation of legionella and consequently the risk for human health.?Esot-ultra drastically reduces the costs of the use of biocides.

Use for waste waters

Waste waters are often treated for reuse as drinking water or for other purposes. Since such waters contain high level of nutrients, algae can grow quickly as well as microorganisms and bacteria. Esot-ultra uses the latest ultrasound technology to remove algae from water treatment plants and refurbished tanks. Esot-ultra systems can be used f. e. in tanks, flocculation containers, clarifiers, settlement tanks…

Esot Ultra